Unique idea can easy to get connect between your company & your target audiences.


Storm love to help clients to built up a new unique brand image with new impact for your audiences.


Client needs vary widely, so it is important to have a process that can adapt accordingly.
Below are the pillars upon which each engagement is built.

 What we do

Brand consult: The company start for the marketing strategy

Brand positioning for Corporate Identity

Signage Design

e Commerce platform

Design Website

Setup Website

Marketing Materials

Packaging design


Exhibition booth design & setup

Multi Media


Corporate Video Taking with Editing


Brainstorming, is design a method of brand stimulate creativity and to strengthen their thinking work with our Clients.
Can be carried out customers with us. Group together and free the mind to proposed all ideas related to the project, then reclassify it.  During the progress, whatever the ideas and opinions are ridiculous and absurd, others are not interrupted and criticism. Most of new ideas and problem-solving methods will come up from there.
More than one good idea can transform into a new excellence idea, like "1 + 1 = 3" adage is right, as an integrated process can stimulate a constructive ideas.


Each member in the Storm Design teams plays the extraordinary role to delivering their exceptional works. During the meeting with the in charge directors that help to ensure our client objectives are achieved with the highest standards of works.


Design means "Set up a thought and planning to do.  Set up is the goal, planning is the progress & arrangement."  These are the Creative element and activities.  That's what we do everyday.
We put all design elements and evaluate the effectiveness.  We will anticipated the goal for the image, structures and outlook.  These are the most important steps before the brand and product being set up and promoted.


In Storm studio we capture your precious moments in time and beautifully present your stunning products. Our innovative photo shoots, exceptional photography quality and first class customer service continues to redefine photography, creating lasting memories for client.
We also help to design special theme for Video, Advertising and Corporate Video. With our creative team member can transform a ordinary story video into stunning video by our editing skills.
Production coordinator, location scouting, crew, casting, equipment, art department, props, wardrobe, hair, makeup and equipment page for details.

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